Übersetzung des Gottesdienstes

English Interpretation Service@EFG Kirchheim
We love to have guests from abroad attending our church services from time to time. Therefore, we have launched an interpretation service for our guests some years ago. In these times, where we only can allow few people into our church building on Sundays, we have come up with a modern and simple to use solution for providing translation service to you. You can follow our Sunday service and listen to English translation simultaneously anywhere in the world by using the livevoice app.
Live translation in English is available on Sundays during the livestream broadcast. All you need is two devices that can go online:

  • With the first device you watch our livestream broadcast on Youtube

  • With the second device you listen to our live translation. To do so, you have the following options:
  1. Listen via browser
  2. Scan this QR code or go to livevoice.io/en

  1. Click on “Join in browser”
  2. Enter the code 599418 and press the Play button
  1. Listen via smartphone
  2. Make sure your smartphone is online
  3. Download the livevoice app
    1. For iPhones from the Apple App Store
    2. For Android from the Google Play Store
  4. Enter the code 599418 and press the Play button
In case the stream disconnects, simply restart the app, login with the code again and press Play.